Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ADF mobile - Setting Up

ADF Mobile – Setting up
  • ADF Mobile support is available from Jdeveloper onwards. It can be downloaded from here. Download Jdev
  • ADF Mobile Developer`s guide can be downloaded from here.                                                                       
  • Android SDK can be downloaded from here. Android SDK contains a set of API libraries and tools to build test and develop Android Apps.

2.     Installation:
a)      Install the jdeveloper
b)      Install the android sdk exe. It`s a simple wizard. It will prompt you to start SDK Manager or you can start the same from your android installation directory. It fetches all the platforms and tools. You can download the required ones. Under tools check Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform Tools, Android SDK Build Tools, Android 4.2.2(API17) - full, under Extras select Android Support library, Google cloud messaging service, Google USB Driver.
c)       Open jdeveloper, go to Help -> Check for updates -> select Official Oracle extensions and Updates and click on next -> and select and download ADF Mobile extension.

Once you install properly you can see Mobile Application (ADF) when you create a new application.

FOR MAF related issues check this blog:


  1. Hi Deepak,

    It was nice to see lots of useful blogs on Oracle MAF. I have a small query below. Kindly clarify.

    I have developed a Order Approval App which is a customer specific.. In that I have applied skin of amx-mobileFusionFx1.1.css, Everything look fine.But the Radio buttons in the entire App is not visible properly. Have gone through many sites, couldn't actually fix the problem. Can you please throw some light on this :).

    Many Thanks.

  2. I didn`t understand how your radio button is looking like and what is the issue with it?
    I will suggest you to post your query at
    And definitely you will get an answer.