Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ADF - Java Mail with attachments

First create a mail session in weblogic server. In Weblogic server under "Services" you can find Mail sessions. Create a new Mail Session. Give following information:
Name - test
JNDI Name - mail/test
Java Mail Properties
mail.smtp.user=[user name][host name or IP of exchange server]

The following java method can be called to send mail with attachments

destination - array of email addresses to which mail has to be sent
subject - subject of mail
content - body of mail
data - list containing byte[] of the files to be attached in the email
fileNames - names of the attachement
contentTypes - content types of the attachments

ADF - setting default value for Range Slider

When using a range slider if you put minimum=0 and maximum=10000 then it will look like this :

            <af:inputRangeSlider value="#{bindings.area.inputValue}"
                                 id="irs1" autoSubmit="true" majorIncrement="-1"
                                 minorIncrement="-1" minimumIncrement="100"
                                 maximum="10000" partialTriggers="cil3" styleClass="selectField"

ADF - Showing UCM Images in carousel

I had an interesting requirement where we are showing all the available properties in a list view(new feature in Each row of a list view has a carousel. Carousel will show images of the concerned property. The images are residing in UCM. Whenever a new image is uploaded in UCM automatically the carousel will include the new image as well.

Now i will explain how we have implemented the same.

ADF mobile - Setting Up

ADF Mobile – Setting up
  • ADF Mobile support is available from Jdeveloper onwards. It can be downloaded from here. Download Jdev
  • ADF Mobile Developer`s guide can be downloaded from here.                                                                       
  • Android SDK can be downloaded from here. Android SDK contains a set of API libraries and tools to build test and develop Android Apps.